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When it comes to professional painting services in the Miami community, DGP Services is the only name you need to know. Our residential and commercial painters are always on-call to discuss the details of your painting projects, so be sure to contact us for pricing and scheduling information.


Thorough Paint Preparation
People tend to put a lot of emphasis on paint finishes. The importance of the new and sparkling paint film of a well-chosen color can't be overstated, but if this look of a freshly painted home is to last, one must not underestimate the importance of proper surface preparation. We follow a thorough paint preparation process for both interior and exterior paint jobs. These steps do not cover all of the possible circumstances that one can encounter on a painting project—only the more common ones. Specialty preparations are available on an as-needed basis.

Paint Primer Application
No matter what type of surface you're painting, it has to be clean and free of loose or cracked paint, rust, oil, grease, dirt, mildew, and chemical residue before application of primer. Primer or undercoat has two main purposes: to seal the substrate in order is to prevent the chemistry in the substrate from migrating into and interfering with the chemistry of the finished coat, and to help bind the finished coat to the surface being painted. There is a specialty primer for just about every type of surface, including wood, masonry, and metal. Essentially, the primer serves as a foundation that supports the finished coat. Understanding this should help you understand the importance of primer. The best primer available is going to be your best choice for any paint job.

Exterior Paint Preparation Steps
Before any other work is begun, check for leaks and any moisture getting into the substrate. Repair any roof leaks, gutters, windows, and leaky plumbing. Damp basements and other excessively humid interior rooms are other common sources of moisture in the substrate. Use vents and dehumidifiers as necessary. Unless the source of moisture in the substrate is found and eliminated, the quality of your paint job will be compromised.

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